Old Masters Photos by Karen Miles

Old Masters Photos by Karen Miles

Karen Miles is a photographer and shop owner from Australia. Sometimes you meet someone via chance, and then "discover" how much you have in common. Karen and I connected via Instagram, and I deeply appreciate her beautiful shop. In the way these exchanges sometimes go, it was mutual and she fell in love with a 19th century dark French still life on FAS.

As we communicated, I discovered her photographs that look like old masters paintings, and I thought, here's someone who loves bringing the ancien to the here and now as much as I do.

In the spirit of the paintings we both love, Karen goes one step further and recreates scenes from history via photography. I love that they look so modern and fresh, almost minimalist, while retaining that rich, "a deep exhale after the party guests have left," feel from the 18th and 19th century paintings.

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"I love still life and the style of the Old Masters in particular because I feel like they've captured a private moment of stillness and simplicity - something I think we crave more and more in the busyness of our lives," said Karen.
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Not only that, she has an incredible line of linens that goes with her photos and captures her desire for history brought home: "I created my linen homewares label French Consul for the same reason, to share that French art of living, and to encourage others to value artisan-made, handcrafted goods in their home that are both beautiful and calming."
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See more of Karen's work and shop her beautiful linen collection here. Make sure to follow her on IG for more inspiration. 
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