Preview of April Painting Drop and New Arrivals

Preview of April Painting Drop and New Arrivals

In preparation for our April painting drop, we're seeing all the paintings together, and I'm surprised and enjoying how eclectic this collection is. As many of you know, France has been in a state of continued lockdown, making it an interesting challenge to source the paintings. The markets are closed, and traveling to our sources isn't allowed, so we've gotten creative looking for art closer to home in the Paris region. 

One surprising result of sourcing from new places and dealers is that the paintings coming out of this period are so diverse in size, style, material and era. Our largest and smallest paintings we've had will be in this drop, as well as a huge "bouquet" of colors, which seems appropriate for Spring.

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Thank you to our community for all the support and patience as we get ready to launch these paintings on April 19th. Here is a little preview of some of the paintings that will be available: 


"Le Doyen" 18.3" x 14.9" / 46.5cm x 38cm. Provenance: France. Signed: Yes (illegible). Date: Late 1800's.



 "The Haymaker" Overall size: 7" x 11" / 18.5cm x 28cm. Provenance: France. Signed: Yes (illegible). Date: 1939.


 "Vierge Dorée" Overall size: 18.8" x 14.5" / 48cm x 37.5cm.  Provenance: France. Signed: No.Date: 20th century.


 "Bouquet et Livres" Overall size: 27.5" x 22" / 70.5cm x 56cm. Provenance: France. Signed: Yes, Aline Le Mouton (1892-1971).


 "Mademoiselle Patino" Overall size: 19.6" x 16.5" / 50cm x 42cm.  Provenance: France. Signed: Yes, Kurt Pantz.

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Elizabeth on

I’m interested in the July painting drop!

French Art Shop on

Hello Amanda! Thank you for being here! We do the drop via our email newsletter list, sending the time and date of drop in advance. I’ve made sure you’re on the list! Kindly, Hana

French Art Shop on

Hello Donna! I think the man portrait you are speaking of has been sold… Thank you for joining us via Miss Mustard Seed!

Donna Comstock on

On a previous page I saw a portrait of a man, darker in feel, that I do not see here. Is it available? I also discovered your delightful website via Miss Mustard See.

Amanda on

Hi! I just discovered your shop via MissMustardSeed. I love the art work. How does the drip work? Is there a bid through Instagram stories? I love two of the pieces. Thank you!

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