To be edited: Waterfall

20th-century French school oil on wood panel attributed to Marcel Bertoin (1897-1983). The work has texture to the touch.

View of waterfall and mountain with an almost minimalist palette for Marcel Bertoin where the gilding of the mountainous relief contrasts perfectly with the dark ones at the foot of the mountain. The waterfall becomes the common thread between shadow and light.

About the artist: Marcel Bertoin is a French impressionist painter born in 1897 and died in 1983. He will paint a lot of Breton port views and the south of France landscapes. He reveals its colorful palette, its round geometry and a modern approach to impressionism where it always seems to tell us a story.

  • Overall size: " x" / cm x cm.
  • Country: France. 
  • Signed:  Attributed to  Marcel Bertoin (1897-1983).
  • Date: Mid-20th century.
  • Condition: The wooden panel is in very good condition despite a lack in the upper right corner.
  • Materials: Oil on wood panel.
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