Our Favorite Antique Art in Cafes

Our Favorite Antique Art in Cafes

We're inspired by all things antique art, but there's a very special part of our hearts reserved for artful cafes. Please enjoy a selection of some of our favorite antique art walls where you can pause for a drink and/or bite. 

1. We have to start with this iconic photo of a Model sitting in the Trattoria da Romano Restaurant, Venice, January 1983 via British Vogue.

2. This clean dining nook, via Studio McGee

art cafe coffee shop inspiration

3. This minimalistic layout, via Eric Olsen Design

art in cafe coffee shop inspiration

4. This gorgeous cafe via Flickr photographer Poupetta.

5. One of our favorite Paris hotels with excellent dining and drinks options, the Hoxton

6. This Edinburgh cafe in The Dunstane House via Honestly WTF.

8. Maison Premiere via This Is The Place I Was Telling You About.

antique art in cafes

9. And finally, The Porch House, Cotswolds via House & Garden UK. 

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