Antique Tours

We are thrilled to be offering unique antique buying tours in France for professionals and small groups, after 10 years of experience, and bringing together an excellent network of dealers and transporters.

We have many different options for tour packages, including:
  • Shopping Les Puces de Saint Ouen in the north of Paris, with a curated experience navigating the best shops and locations for a group or client's interests and purchase list.
  • Shopping the world class Foire de Chatou, just outside Paris, in the Spring and Fall each year.
  • Curated three-day tours in Paris (September) including the Foire de Chatou and Les Puces de Saint Ouen, as well as a restoration class for antique frames and other exclusive arts and antiques-centered experiences.
  • Professional buying trips to the professional fairs in the north of France (monthly).

As a part of these tour packages, we have a range of transportation and storage options which can range from helping you send a few boxes back home, to loading an entire container, and even sharing a container with other buyers.

We know each person and business's antique needs are specific, get in touch to find the right match for you.

For Tour Inquiries, shoot us an email at: