French Art Shop is an online gallery of authentic original antique paintings from France, based in Paris since 2017. 

Our mission is to bring new life to antique art and paintings in particular, by bringing old works from masters and anonymous artists alike, into the light, and into appreciation. We seek pieces with character, unique perspectives, and rare themes from the 1700's up through the 1950's.

Art is intimate, and we enjoy working with interior designers as well as art enthusiasts and passionate collectors and hobbyists to build their collections or find the perfect piece for a room, home or theme.

French Art Shop was founded on global principals, sharing art across borders and eras. Most of our art is destined for international buyers, and we are professionals in the business of packing and transporting art safely. We work with DHL Express and ensure the safety and protection (as well as swift delivery) of each piece.

Our Values

Our values are that we accept the imperfections of paintings that have traveled this far out of their historical origins. When we receive new pieces, we assess the condition, clean the painting using museum quality art cleaners. If the frame can be retouched, we do delicate paint touch ups with professional materials. If not, we leave the frames and painting in their original state and create the photos and descriptions accordingly to be as accurate as possible.

We're happy to receive your inquiries or buy a collection for you based on your requirements.

Drop us a note. We speak French, English and Spanish.