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Free DHL Express shipping for all orders in North America, Europe and Asia. We have to add a $75 surcharge for orders in Australia and New Zealand to off-set the extra charges.

We ship within 3 business days of receiving your order. DHL Express tends to deliver worldwide to North America in under 7 days. Tracking will follow every order.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business and international shipping we cannot accept returns.


We haven't had any issues with damages when we use DHL Express, which is why we insist on this method for our nicest paintings and all the pieces in this shop. If your painting arrives damaged, please contact us immediately at

Interior Designers

We are beginning to take requests from design firms and interior designers. Feel free to get in touch for orders of multiples or specific requests. We can also arrange a finder's fee for specific French decor items as we are sourcing art if you are working on a larger project.