Birds and Botanical Art at Home

Birds and Botanical Art at Home

One of my favorite decor themes of all time is that of birds and botanical art. Whether you are lucky enough to find antique botanical drawings, have an antique bird painting collection up your sleeve, or are just interested in playing with the romantic naturalist themes, we've rounded up some of our favorite inspirations in exciting formats:

1. This Powder Room reveal from JeweledInteriors featuring the gorgeous Paradis Wallpaper from Fine & Dandy.

bird wallpaper powder room bird wallpaper2. Painted furniture collaboration for Kit Kemp. This painted pine bench by Melissa White brings folk art to furniture, and creates a room that looks straight out of a novel. 

kit kemp painted furniture3. French artist Nathalie Lété purchased a country home, an hour away from Paris, and has been hand painting it with flowers to create this incredible interior, as featured in domino.

botanical painting interiors home francehand painted interiors birds and plantshand painted interior walls flowers

 4. Maude Smith decided to hand paint each tile in her bathroom, rather than retile the whole thing. Her eye and hand created one of the most special details I've seen in a long time! Found via messynessy. 

hand painted botanical tiles

maude smith tiles for sale5. Finally, there's the elegant Paris home of fabric designer Carolina Irving, where botanical is taken quite literally to a whole new scale. We love the mix of giant preserved botany, and the paintings of birds in a small scale gallery. Photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for his book 'Haute Bohemians.'
carolina irving paris apartment
As a bird & botanical lover, I am always seeking to buy paintings and art in this genre. The birds in oil painting format always give me joy, and our clients seem to love them, too. My mothers' parents were both avid birdwatchers, which I've picked up in France, and especially enjoy when we're visiting Paul's parents' village in Normandy. It feels like time and space and geographies colliding to connect our two families through something so simple and wonderful. H
Here are two of the lovely bird antique oil paintings we've had in the past year. Both were snatched up by art collectors - and I love to imagine them making their "migration" to being admired in new homes and lands. 
Deux Hirondelles; 19th century French School oil on wood. 
antique oil painting french birds
Old World Sparrow; 19th century French School, signed Jean Caron. 
antique bird painting france
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