5 Best French-inspired Stone Wall Interiors

5 Best French-inspired Stone Wall Interiors

Most of the interiors I'm most drawn to have a stone or plaster exposed wall. It's not just a French thing, although I am certainly blessed to have quite a few to chance upon. Here is a small collection of my favorite interior stone or exposed walls:

1. This gorgeous residence photographed by the talented Debi Treloar:

exposed walls interiors french debi treloarexposed interior walls debi treloar

2. Atelier Vime and their gorgeous shoppable interiors:

atelier vime exposed french walls and interiorsatelier vime blue room exposed blue plaster walls3. The incredible home of designer Mathilde Labrouche in Southwest France .

mathilde labrouche french exposed walls french antique homemathilde labrouche exposed walls french stone walls old house french antiques

4. The Sicilian home of Elena Lops:

sicily home of elena lops

5. Casa Mina from Quintana Partners:

casa mina quintana partners casa mina quintana partners interior exposed wallsquintana partners exposed walls interior designquintana partners casa mina french interior design

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