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Shells and Paintings; The Love Affair

Eye spy a very tactile and lovely pairing that I notice more and more as I scroll through design accounts on Instagram and Pinterest. It turns out shells and antique paintings make a pretty good artful living decor detail.

There's something about the soft organic shape and colors of the shell, mixed with the smooth and light absorbing quality of the paintings that just WORKS.

Is the shell + antique painting the new dynamic design duo of home objects for 2021? Granted many of these images are from years past, but I can't help thinking they're satisfying something in us that longs for the ocean, and escapes through the art.

Here are five of my top decor examples including the special pairing:

Heroldian Art Concepts: Katharina Marie Herold is from a family of art collectors and dealers, and she puts objects and art together in the most stunning ways. I was first alerted to the shell as sculpture concept through her styling:
heroldian art concepts

deVOL Kitchens: The renowned UK furniture manufacturer has a not-so-secret love for antiques and a real talent for incorporating them in design, shop and photo shoots. I loved this detail shot form one of their projects, where you can imagine the painting on the wall, and also see a lithography popping out from behind the plant.

devol kitchens project

The writer Umberto Pasti’s groupings of shells, Islamic ceramics and Roman antiquities in his Milan apartment is a scene for the ages: Found via The New York Times Style Magazine, in a wonderful article titled "Collecting Art for Love Not Money".

Shells and Sculpture Umberto's Apartment Milan

Nora Murphy Country House: This appreciation for shells and paintings is loud and clear. Seems like a place I'd like to be!

Country House Shells Decor

The experiments with different placements reminds me of how my apartment works with art and objects.

nora murphy country house

Terry Ellis: This simple fireplace with the shell arrangement, and the antique art adds so much interest and individualism to this room. Found via House and Garden UK.

terry ellis home decor

Voila! I hope you enjoyed. Have you noticed this unique pairing?

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