Still Life Collection from a Paris Atelier

Still Life Collection from a Paris Atelier

One of my favorite modes of experiencing and buying art has to be through atelier visits. Recently, we had the chance to encounter a special selection of paintings coming straight out of the Parisian atelier of Jean Lasnier. A mini collection of diverse and dynamic oil paintings will be launched on French Art Shop February 15th.

Jean Lasnier (1922-2006) was a French artist and painter who had a workshop in Paris, where he created an enormous range of beautiful paintings, and hosted other artists and students alike.

Lasnier once said, "I do not copy nature, I am inspired by it to make a painting." His love of natural elements is clear in his paintings. Born in Angers in 1922, Lasnier first studied at the School of Fine Arts in his hometown before moving to Paris.

Jean Lasnier French Oil Painting Still Life original


Like many artists from this period, he studied under an accomplished painter. The young Lasnier found residency in the studio of René JAUDON (1889-1966) to learn lithography and also studied painting in the atelier of Jean SOUVERBIE (1891-1981).

At the start of his career, starting in 1946, Lasnier produced figurative works (landscapes, nudes, still lifes, etc.). Around 1954, the forms began solidifying in color and construction, and abstraction slowly ebbed into his work. 


Jean Lasnier Still Life Oil Painting French original


Over the course of his career, Lasnier exhibited in the main Parisian salons: at the Salon d'Automne, at the Salon des Indépendants, at the Salon des Artistes français, etc. He was also the subject of numerous exhibitions in galleries throughout France (Biarritz, Angers, Paris, Cannes…).

In the collection we purchased, the primary inspiration is Nature, which is true to Lasnier's first love. He used a vibrant palette and an energetic brush. Similar to natural elements, Lasnier's painting are full of relief thanks to the use of the knife, but also through the insertion of elements coming directly from the ground such as red earth from Roussillon or sand from Fontainebleau. 

He was a deeply intuitive and passionate painter, and we are thrilled to present this exclusive collection.

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