The Top 3 Châteaux to stay in France

The Top 3 Châteaux to stay in France

It’s not often you can make your childhood dreams come true. However, here in France, we have carefully preserved the fantastical fairy tale settings of your imagination at every age, from childhood on. Indeed all over France are real-life châteaux, filled with history and intrigue, that are sure to have inspired the many of the most extravagant filmmakers, artists, and authors, from Dumas to Disney.

From the beautiful 18th century Château de la Ruche to the magnificent Renaissance-inspired Château de Bourneau, there are plenty of splendid châteaux for you to choose from – whether you are simply looking for a weekend getaway or somewhere to play out your bygone era fantasy.

Below, we have hand-selected our top 3 fairy tale châteaux to stay in France, including the Château de la Ruche, Château de Bourneau and charming Château Gonneville, so you can enjoy the very best enchanting scenery and antique French paintings wherever you choose to stay.  

The top 3 châteaux to stay in France:

  1. Château de la Ruche

chateau de la ruche

The Château de la Ruche is a beautiful 18th-century petit-château located in the diverse Pays de la Loire region of western France. Encompassed by serene French countryside, the château is both a luxurious and deeply relaxing place to stay. 

chateau de la ruche places to stay

Currently it is being carefully restored by the Jones family who fell in love with the previously run-down château after realizing that they could swap their four-bed townhouse in the UK for the fourteen-bed château in France. 

chateau de la ruche

After taking a leap of faith, they have spent the last four years lovingly renovating the château as well as shopping for French antiques, and they have filled each room with stunning antique French furniture as well as antique French paintings. 

chateau interiors france chateau de la ruche 

chateau de la ruche bedrooms

Indeed, if you would like to get up close and personal with their wonderful interiors, do not hesitate to book a visit. Your inner child will thank you!

  1. Château de Bourneau 

 chateau du bourneau

chateau du bourneau french chateau to stay 

The Chateau de Bourneau is a Renaissance-inspired château straight from your favourite fairy tale. Situated in the gorgeous Vendéen countryside in the west of France, the château is built on the medieval foundations of an ancient château and surrounded by a mystical moat. 

chateau du bourneau french chateau renovation

Having been rescued by a British doctor and her partner three years ago, the abandoned château has since been restored along with its accompanying holiday cottages which each have their own swimming pool and garden and can sleep up to forty-two people. 

chateau renovation francechateau du borneau in france stay in a chateau

With sixteen hectares of woodland, the Chateau de Bourneau is the perfect location for weddings and boasts a unique collection of antique French paintings. Indeed, it is perfect for those who are looking for a truly authentic fairy tale experience and available to book today. 

chateau interiors france

  1. Château Gonneville sur Honfleur

le fleur honfleur chateau

The Château Gonneville sur Honfleur (Le Fleur Honfleur) is a charming château situated in northern France’s Normandy region. Not only has Honfleur inspired the work of many artists, but it captured the hearts of Anna Mayrhofer and her husband Philipp and ignited a desire within them to renovate its local honorary château, the Château Gonneville sur Honfleur.

fleur de honfleur places to stay france

The Château Gonneville sur Honfleur’s has since been transformed into a luxury home-away-from-home and its beautifully restored interior is perfectly reminiscent of the château’s former glory.  

fleur de honfleur chateaux where to stay franceIndeed, all the rooms have a different feel and are each carefully curated with a selection of French antique paintings and furniture. 

interior chateau france fleur de honfleurinterior french chateau decor

To escape from your mundane, simply book a visit and be inspired today. Alternatively, browse our collection of antique art for sale to acquire a piece of iconic French artistry for your own home today. 

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