La Ruelle
La Ruelle
La Ruelle
La Ruelle

La Ruelle

20th-century French school oil on wooden panel. The work has texture to the touch.

A dynamic painting of tall residential buildings in a small town, with brightly colored shop windows below. We see the flowers and drying linens spilling out of the windows, showcasing the vibrancy and tight quarters of the town. 

This painting is skillfully done, with great dimensions and shadows. The painting is supported by a vintage wooden frame. 

The surface of the painting shows a few marks of impact and , and notably a few holes in the upper edge, which may have been used to nail the painting in a previous framing. The wooden frame has some impacts and scratches visible on the right hand side.

  • Overall Size: 14.9" x 11.8" / 38cm x 30cm.
  • Size without the frame: 10.6" x 7" / 27cm x 18.5cm. 
  • Country: France. 
  • Signed: Anonymous
  • Date: Early 20th century.
  • Condition: There are a few marks on the surface of the painting, and a few holes from nails in the upper edges and corners. The frame has a few scuff marks on the right hand side. 
  • Materials: Oil on wood panel with a light wood frame.
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