Paysage Lacustre
Paysage Lacustre
Paysage Lacustre
Paysage Lacustre

Paysage Lacustre

20th-century French school oil on carton. The work is smooth to the touch.

A small scale oil painting, with unfinished edges, showing the edge of a field, and painted from the perspective of being beyond the fence. A pastoral landscape, painted with quick brushstrokes.

There are some small flecks of missing paint, and the frame itself is not an original antique, but the overall condition is good. This painting would be a sweet addition to a lanscape wall. 

  • Overall Size: 8.2" x 11" / 21cm x 28cm.
  • Size without the frame: 6.2" x 9" / 16.5cm x 23.5cm.
  • Country: France.
  • Signed: Anonymous
  • Date: Early 20th century.
  • Condition: Some small flecks of paint are missing in the scene, and the outer edges of the canvas are unfinished. The frame is not an original antique. 
  • Materials: Oil on carton with a light wood frame.
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