20th-century French school oil on wood. The work has little texture to the touch.

This small scale painting is bursting with colors, with the clouds illuminated by the sunset and reflected in the waters.

The only defect in this painting is a crack in the wood panel in the sky that creeps along about half of the width of the photos. It is stable, and doesn't detract from this fabulous small piece. 

  • Overall Size: 7.4" x 8.6" / 19cm x 22cm.
  • Size without the frame: 5.5" x 7" / 14cm x 18cm. 
  • Country: France. 
  • Signed: Anonymous
  • Date: Early 20th century.
  • Condition: A horizontal crack in the painting covers about half the width of the painting at the level of the sky. The frame is not an original antique. 
  • Materials: Oil on wood panel with a light wood frame.
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