Near the Mill
Near the Mill
Near the Mill
Near the Mill
Near the Mill
Near the Mill
Near the Mill
Near the Mill

Near the Mill


19th-century Flemish School oil on wood panel signed in the lower right corner by Juliette Wytsman (1866-1925). The artwork possesses a tangible texture.

A Flemish Impressionist landscape featuring a figure in proximity to a village and a mill. The technique employed elicits profound emotion through the use of thick, swirling brushstrokes. This dynamic interplay generates a sense of movement that animates the various components of the scene. The color palette corresponds to a quest for authenticity as viewed through the Impressionist lens, captivating the viewer with its intricate nature. The juxtaposition of materials, light, and colors creates an enthralling sense of depth.

About the artist: 

Juliette Henriette Wytsman, born as Juliette Trullemans, was a Belgian naturalist and Impressionist painter, born in Brussels on July 14, 1866, and passed away in Ixelles (Brussels).

She initially received training at the Bischoffsheim school in Brussels, where she honed her drawing skills. While she found the learning process fascinating, she yearned for more. Due to the prevailing restrictions barring women from the Academy of Fine Arts, she became a part of the studio led by Jean Capeinick (1838-1890), a renowned Belgian artist known for his still lifes and his role as a professor at the academy. It was during this period that she crossed paths with her future spouse, Rodolphe Wytsman (1860-1927), who was also a student under Capeinick.

Alongside him, she mastered the technique of applying brushstrokes and refined her command over colors. This period marked the genesis of her fondness for light mauve and yellow, which would become her signature shades. She excelled in capturing light's essence, producing artworks characterized by a radiant palette.

The couple achieved significant success, sustaining themselves through their art. Their journeys spanned across Europe, and they regularly showcased their works, including at the Belgian section of Fine Arts during the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

Juliette predominantly painted floral still lifes and gardens, in addition to landscapes near their residence in Linkebeek, situated south of Brussels. Simultaneously, she made her mark as an artist, participating in exhibitions in Brussels, Paris, Chicago, and Saint-Louis. Moreover, her teaching talents were acknowledged, as she imparted drawing lessons to members of the Belgian royal family, most notably Henriette of Belgium, sister to King Albert I.

Juliette Wytsman remains a pivotal figure within the Belgian Impressionist movement. Numerous pieces of her art are now housed in the primary museums of the Belgian capital.

  • Overall Size: 15.3" x / 18.8" / 39.5cm x 48cm.
  • Size without the frame: 10.2" x 13.7" / 26.5cm x 35cm.
  • Provenance: Art Galerie Kompaen (Netherlands). 
  • Country: Netherlands.
  • Signed: Juliette Wytsman (1866-1925).
  • Certificate: A Certificate of Authenticity is provided. 
  • Date: Late 19th century
  • Condition: The entirety remains impeccably conserved.
  • Materials: Oil on wood panel with a stucco and wood frame. 
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