Styling Large Antique Paintings

Styling Large Antique Paintings

Large Antique or Vintage Paintings are such a find! You can't believe your good fortune to come across an enormous original beauty, still in decent shape from decades or even centuries of existence. Up close and personal, all the brushstrokes are visible, the details exquisite. It's impossible not to imagine the hours and hours of attention and skill that went into this beautiful piece...

And then there's the question of where it will go. Large antique paintings can be complicated! Where to put it? We've gotten some help from some of our favorite stylists and publications to put together some ideas for styling your XL antique art pieces:

1. Annie and John Mash managed to balance an extra long original painting across a console and a chair in their old stone cottage in Dorset. They used pops of colors and plants to compliment the painting. Courtesy of Country Living.

Annie and John Mash have sympathetically reworked an old stone cottage in Dorset with uplifting colours and an assortment of collected brocante

2. At the stunning Le Mas Des Poiriers in Provence, this large antique landscape is positioned over a sofa of similar size, with a bold pattern. Via Habitually Chic.

le mas de poiriers

3. With large vertical paintings, a side by side can be a beautiful way to create a panel-like effect on a shelf or console. Via Habitually Chic.

antique paintings in french home

4. Fort Worth interior designer Matt Mazur found the perfect balance using two large scale art pieces, creating balance and modern feel with a nod to the past. Via DMagazine.

art styling in homes

5. With large scale dark antique portraits, a wall where the hero piece is surrounded by mixed drawings and paintings in smaller formats can be an eclectic win. This scene is from the home of Jack Laver Brister, an antiques dealer and interior designer in Frome Somerset. Via 

Jack Laver Brister
Currently in the shop, we have some large scale paintings just waiting for the perfect spot and collector. Here are some of my favorites:
The Pond's Edge by Bordeaux painter  Paul Sébilleau (1847-1907) - Overall size: 27.1" x 34.2" / 69cm x 87.5cm. See more.
antique french painting oil painting impressionist
Porcelaine is a large still life by acclaimed female French painter Édith Honorée Henriette Yvonne Faucon (1919-2019) with an impressive career you can read about here. Overall size:  30.3" x 25.9" / 77cm x 66cm.
antique french painting still life
Le Panier is a beautiful moody still life from the 1960's by  André Lemaître (1909-1995). This enormous painting measures 29.9" x 34.6" / 76cm x 88cm. See more here.
antique french still life painting
The Medici Vase is a stunning example of the Dutch School still life style from the early 1900's. This large and magnificent painting is rich in details and upon closer inspection, even more remarkable. This would be a perfect hero piece for a living room or salon. See more here. 
antique french oil painting still life
Finally, Young Bourgeois is an oil portrait painting of a young man from the Bordeaux area that checks all the boxes: exceptional condition for age, huge scale, lovely face, and masterfully done. Overall size: 28.3" x 23.6" / 72cm x 60.5cm. See more here.
antique french oil painting portrait

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